Memos: 2022-23 School of Graduate Studies Calendar Production

Please share widely.

April 29, 2022

Dear Vice-Deans, Academic; Graduate Coordinators; and Graduate Administrators,

Thank you for submitting updates for the 2022-23 School of Graduate Studies Calendar. The entries are now ready to proofread.

Please review the graduate faculty memberships (GFMs) and send updates about the graduate coordinators. Academic administrative appointments (graduate chairs, deans) will be inputted in early June after they are confirmed by the Provost’s Office.

To get started, go to the proofreading directions online. Having problems accessing the web page? Please ensure your web browser is up-to-date.

The deadline for proofreading is Friday, May 13. As always, we appreciate your careful attention to this final stage of calendar production. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you!

October 14, 2021

Dear Vice-Deans,

This email launches the production of the 2022-23 School of Graduate Studies Calendar. This is to assist you in making the right people aware of the annual calendar process, described below. Please share widely with graduate chairs and graduate and collaborative specialization administrators in your Faculty/division.

The deadline for all changes is Friday, March 25, 2022. When submitting calendar content, please ensure that revisions have final governance approval where required. We are communicating with each division separately to confirm our understanding of your governance dates in relation to institutional deadlines (undergraduate and graduate). Editable versions of current calendar entries, including degree programs, collaborative specializations and combined degree programs, are available online for units to mark up; track changes is conveniently turned on. All final marked-up files should be sent to Karen Shim, who is available any time to assist you with this process.

Additional Information

  • Our office has created guidance explaining editorial changes versus minor modifications. Also, see sample calendar entries outlining which sections are approved through governance.
  • Some of you may be aware that the SGS Program Fact Sheets are drawn directly from the SGS Calendar. Some of the people reviewing the Fact Sheets may not be aware of the academic change governance processes that drive changes to the SGS Calendar. To ensure clarity about these processes, it would be great if you can make sure that people in your Faculty/division who are responsible for the Fact Sheets are brought into the process for calendar changes. We’re happy to answer questions about this.
  • All active courses will be included in calendar entries, regardless of whether they will be offered for the upcoming academic year.
  • Inactive courses: SGS policy requires that graduate courses that have not been offered or have not had enrolments in more than five years be considered inactive and be archived in ROSI (see SGS Regulation on Graduate Courses). SGS will be contacting graduate units directly to review their list of courses marked for deactivation. Please encourage graduate units to review their lists and identify any courses they may have firm plans to offer in the future so that these courses are not deactivated. Unless SGS hears from the graduate unit, these courses will be deactivated and accordingly removed from the next edition of the SGS Calendar.
  • Graduate faculty memberships (GFMs): Angelique Plata manages the process for submitting and updating GFMs for 2022-23. She will be in touch with graduate units directly about the deadline. She will provide the final GFM data to Karen for inclusion in the SGS Calendar.

Major Modifications

A revised calendar entry should accompany the final major modification documents that are submitted for governance approval. Units should consult with their Dean’s Office when developing a major modification proposal. Dean’s Offices will then work with Jennifer Francisco in the VPAP Office, who provides consultative support and feedback on the major modification: Jennifer Francisco, 416.946.0094.

Minor Modifications

A revised calendar entry should accompany all minor modifications; for example, admission and program revisions that are submitted for governance approval. Once approved, a minor modification is sent to so that it can be implemented in ROSI and included in the 2022-23 edition of the calendar. You are welcome to consult with Alexandra Varela and Jennifer Francisco at any time about minor modifications: Alexandra Varela, 416.978.7709 or Jennifer Francisco, 416.946.0094.

Editorial Changes

Please send revised graduate calendar entries directly to Karen Shim, 416.946.3740.

We look forward to working with you on this year’s calendar.


Daniella Mallinick, PhD
Director, Academic Programs, Planning and Quality Assurance
Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
University of Toronto