Minor Modification Proposal: Change to an Existing Graduate Program or Collaborative Specialization


This template should be used to bring forward all proposals for minor modifications to program or admissions requirements for existing graduate programs or collaborative specializations under the University of Toronto’s Quality Assurance Process.

Program/collaborative specialization being modified (e.g., MSc in Immunology):

Graduate unit:

Faculty/academic division:

Dean’s Office contact:

Version date (please change as you edit this proposal):

1 Summary

Select the type(s) of change by indicating yes or no.

Changing admission requirements:

Changing timing of program requirements:

Renaming field, concentration or emphasis:**

Renaming of program or collaborative specialization (please notify VPAP before governance):

Creating a new emphasis:

Changes to programs affecting an MOA:

**Anything with a changed/new name requires consultation with the VPAP Office prior to governance; if name change implies significant change to what is being offered or how it is being offered, this may be a major modification or new program.


Summarize what the change is, including details about any changes to full-course equivalents (FCEs).

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2 Effective Date of Change

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3 Academic Rationale

What are the academic reasons for the change?

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4 Impact on Students

Outline the expected impact on continuing and incoming students, if any, and how they will be accommodated.

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5 Consultation

Describe any consultation undertaken with the students, faculty, Dean and chair/director. Address any major issues discussed.

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6 Resources

Describe any resource implications of the change(s) including, but not limited to, faculty complement, space, libraries and enrolment/admissions.

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7 Governance Approval

Unit signoff (committee name and meeting date):

Dean’s Office signoff (name and date):

Faculty/division council approval (or delegated body) if applicable:

Appendix A: Calendar Entry

Please use track changes to indicate where changes have been made.

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