Reviews & Academic Plans


Under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP), the University of Toronto reviews all Faculties, units and their academic programs a minimum of every eight years.

These reviews provide an unparalleled opportunity to secure the expert advice of leaders in the field concerning academic and administrative issues, assess our performance against leading international programs and secure guidance on key strategic directions.

The University distinguishes between the provostial reviews of Faculties (and their programs in the case of single-department Faculties) and the decanal reviews of units and programs. An annual schedule of reviews is prepared by the VPAP Office in consultation with the Faculties. As a measure of their importance, the report from every review is taken forward to governance, first via the Committee on Academic Polices & Programs, at the Cycle 2 and Cycle 5 meetings each academic year. They are reported to the Quality Council as Final Assessment Reports and Implementation Plans (FAR/IPs). View the FAR/IPs for all reviews undertaken under the UTQAP.

The annual cycle of reviews under the UTQAP begins with a review workshop in March. The VPAP Office provides a standardized data set for every unit undergoing review and works with the Library to coordinate the provision of Library Statements.

Resources for Reviews

The VPAP Office provides resources to support the UTQAP review process, including an annual workshop, templates and customized materials.

For programs and units undergoing decanal reviews: before using the materials below, please contact your Dean’s Office to see if customized templates or supplementary materials are available.

UTQAP Workshop

Find out more about the annual review workshop.

Provostial Review Comments

For Provostial reviews, comments and suggestions are welcome from teaching and administrative staff, students, alumni and members of the community. Send us your comments.


Decanal reviews:

Programs and units undergoing decanal reviews should contact their Dean’s Office.

Provostial reviews:

Dean’s Offices and units undergoing provostial reviews should contact
Emma del Junco
Acting Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews