Academic Units


The University of Toronto’s academic units include:
Faculties and divisions; departments; colleges; and extra-departmental units (EDUs).

Changes to academic units are the product of the University’s continuous cycle of improvement. These changes may take the form of:

  • creation
  • renaming
  • significant restructuring
  • disestablishment

Unit Creation & Change

Changes to units above are approved through governance. Proponents should contact their Dean’s Office, who will work with the VPAP Office to determine the relevant policy, process and governance pathway, and ensure appropriate consultation.

Transfers of programs or units require broad consultation, and in most cases, governance. Please consult with the VPAP Office when contemplating a transfer.

More information is available on creating and changing extra-departmental units (EDUs) (centres and institutes).

Academic Restructuring

The VPAP Office also supports the implementation of the University’s Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Librarians on Academic Restructuring. For more information, please contact



Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator, Academic Change

Annette Knott
Coordinator, Academic Change