UTQAP Protocol for Standard Approval of New Programs

option 1: table

Internal University Process
Development External Appraisal Governance Oversight
Program outline brought forward by the Dean      
Consultation coordinated by the VPAP Office
Meeting date:

Proposal development (graduate or undergraduate) by the unit/division.
First draft to VPAP:

Second draft to VPAP:

Appraiser nominations recommended by the Dean’s Office.

Approval of nominated appraisers by the Provost’s Office.

Broad consultation

PAG meeting date:

Decanal and Provostial signoff      
  Invitation to appraisers    
  Date of site visit by appraisers:

  Appraisal report    
  Internal responses    
    Faculty/divisional governance approval date:

    AP&P approval date:*  
    Academic Board approval date:*

    Executive Committee confirmation date:*

    VPAP Office submission date to Quality Council:

Approval to commence

University submission date to MCU for approval:
Monitoring and reporting
First UTQAP review

* Specific governance pathway depends on type of program.

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