Extra-Departmental Units (EDUs)


Extra-departmental units (EDUs) are flexible and multidisciplinary entities organized around emerging research and teaching areas that span disciplines.

The University of Toronto Guidelines for Extra-Departmental Units (January 2015) provide:

  • a summary of the four categories (A, B, C, D) of EDUs and their characteristics
  • a framework for establishing and operating EDUs, including:
    • approval pathways
    • the appointment, role and responsibilities of directors
    • governance/administrative structures and collaborations
    • faculty and other appointments
    • teaching activities
  • a framework for conducting reviews.

Creation & Change

When thinking about creating or changing an EDU, please consult:


Proposals for:

  • new EDU:As and EDU:Bs are developed by Faculties/divisions in consultation with the VPAP Office; they are brought forward by the Provost’s Office for approval by Governing Council
  • new EDU:Cs are approved by Faculties/divisions in consultation with the VPAP Office
  • new EDU:Ds are approved by departmental or divisional governance (as determined by the Dean’s Office and the terms of reference of the relevant Faculty Council). Please contact the VPAP Office about proposed EDU:D names prior to governance.


Please report the establishment of new EDU:Cs and EDU:Ds to the VPAP Office.



Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator, Academic Change

Annette Knott
Coordinator, Academic Change