Workshops & Presentations

Review Workshop

The VPAP office organizes an annual workshop on the cyclical review of academic programs and units.

Who is the Workshop for?

Vice-, assistant and associate deans, chairs, managers, faculty and staff who have responsibility for or are involved in the cyclical review process.

What is the Topic?

An introduction to cyclical reviews within the framework of the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP).

What is the Format?

Faculty and staff share their expertise on the phases of the review process.

From time to time, the VPAP Office will offer other workshops on matters related to academic change and quality assurance. Information related to all workshop offerings will be posted here in the future.


Presentations on key quality assurance topics will also be posted in the future.

If you:

  • have ideas for future workshop topics;
  • would like to invite us to present on the UTQAP to a group of faculty, staff or students in your division; or
  • have ideas about how we can best support the implementation of the UTQAP in your division…

please contact Daniella Mallinick, Director, Academic Programs, Planning & Quality Assurance.