Top 5 Review Workshop Takeaways

1 Help?

  • Decanal Reviews: Dean’s Office
  • Provostial Reviews: VPAP Office

2 Reviews are a big investment.

  • Requirement: UTQAP, QAF, Ministry.
  • Opportunity: Make them work for your programs/department/Faculty.

3 Your Self-Study is…

… a narrative of what your programs/units are and aspire to be.
… based on standardized and supplementary data.
… developed in conversation with colleagues, students, etc.

4 Peer review is at the heart of the process.

  • Choose the best possible reviewers to give expert advice.
  • Give reviewers everything they need to provide informed advice.

5 Remember that the report must address all programs, all terms.

  • The Quality Council pays close attention to details.
  • Ensure the Terms of Reference are explicitly covered.


UTQAP reviews workshop presentation (April 5, 2023; PDF)


Emma del Junco
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews

David Lock
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews