Recommended Honoraria for External Reviewers

October 28, 2010

Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV) agreed at its meeting of October 12 in St. John’s to the recommendation for an honoraria amount and structure that could be agreed to by all of the universities when external reviewers are required under the terms of the Quality Assurance Framework.

Each university will be responsible for inviting external reviewers as part of new program approvals (for both undergraduate and graduate program proposals) and for the periodic review of undergraduate and graduate programs (which may now be undertaken jointly). Universities will be responsible for the travel and accommodation expenses of external reviewers.

Undergraduate program proposals may involve just a desk audit by an external reviewer(s) or, if the reviewer deems it necessary, will involve a site visit. Graduate program proposals require a site visit by two external reviewers.

Site visits by external reviewers are required for the periodic review (every 8 years) of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Honorarium per Reviewer

Type of ReviewHonorarium
Undergraduate New Program Proposal Review
Desk audit:
Desk audit/site visit:

Graduate New Program Proposal Review$1,000
Periodic Review of Programs
Undergraduate and Graduate Program review combined:
Program review combined with accreditation review:
Undergraduate Program only:
Graduate Program only:
Review involving site visit to more than one campus: