Recommended Practices for Reviewing Programs Offered Across Units and/or Divisions

Applicable to: Life Sciences; Rotman Commerce; Master of Science in Biomedical Communications; programs offered in association with Colleges (constituent and federated); Faculty of Arts and Science undergraduate programs in Music and Forestry; and tri-campus graduate programs* (PDF).

Not applicable to: Programs offered with external institutions (e.g., joint programs with Sheridan/Michener/Centennial; conjoint programs with the Toronto School of Theology; dual degrees); collaborative specializations; combined or double degree programs.

The Commissioning Officer (in the case of decanal reviews) should work with the head of the unit(s) (see examples below) involved in the offering of the program(s) under review throughout the review process, on the following:

  • When establishing the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the review, confirm:
  • which program(s) will be reviewed
  • timing of the review
  • any special terms beyond what is required under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP)
  • When nominating reviewers, to ensure:
  • disciplinary coverage
  • appropriate graduate/undergraduate program expertise
  • When announcing the review, to ensure that:
  • all units involved in the offering of the program are aware of the site visit dates, names of the reviewers, ToR and program(s) included in the review
  • During the development of the self-study, to ensure that:
  • relevant information is provided to the reviewers about program design, requirements, innovations, faculty and other resources, demand, etc.
  • standardized and supplementary data are included where appropriate
  • When scheduling the site visit, to ensure:
  • participation of the head(s) of the collaborating unit(s) and/or program(s)
  • participation of relevant faculty, students and staff
  • When managing the external reviewers’ report, ensure that:
  • any report templates provided to reviewers cover all program(s) and ToR
  • head(s) of collaborating unit(s) can flag factual error(s) before the report is finalized
  • the report is shared with the collaborating unit(s)
  • When preparing the administrative responses to the review report, ensure:
  • coordinated short-, medium- and long-term plans for implementing reviewers’ recommendations
  • During the governance and reporting phases, ensure:
  • finalization of the FAR/IP prepared by the VPAP Office
  • attendance at AP&P and Academic Board
  • monitoring and following up on the implementation of recommendations


Program(s) Commissioning Officer Other Unit Heads to Involve
Life Science undergraduate programsDean, Faculty of Medicine Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Rotman Commerce Dean, Faculty of Arts and ScienceDean, Rotman School of Management
Master of Science in Biomedical Communications, MScBMCDean, Faculty of Medicine Dean & Vice-Principal Academic, University of Toronto Mississauga
Music, BA (normally part of Music provostial review) Vice-Provost, Academic ProgramsDean, Faculty of Music;
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Undergraduate programs associated with constituent/federated CollegesDean, Faculty of Arts and ScienceCollege Principal


David Lock
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews

Emma del Junco
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews