UTQAP Cyclical Reviews: Request to Defer

Under the UTQAP, the interval between program reviews must not exceed eight years. The determinant date of the last review is site visit; for example, site visit in October 2015, next review site visit no later than October 2023.

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs recognizes that, under extreme circumstances, a scheduled review site visit will need to be postponed beyond that eight-year interval. In a request to the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs, the commissioning officer will document the necessity for deferral in line with the reasons for deferral listed below. The request should be sent as a formal, signed letter to the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs as soon as the need for a deferral becomes a possibility.

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs will make every effort to help the scheduled review proceed as planned. The Vice-Provost, Academic Programs will confirm by a formal, signed letter whether the deferral request has been granted or denied.

Required Elements

In the request for deferral, please detail the following:

  • Program(s) under review
  • Division/Unit under review or Division/Unit which houses program(s)
  • Commissioning officer
  • Date of scheduled review
  • Date and type of most recent review for each program/unit listed above [please indicate the review type (OCGS, UTQAP, U of T pre-UTQAP)]
  • Proposed new review date (and rationale for this timing if this is not evident from the reasons for deferral)
  • Reason(s) for deferral
    • Impossible to secure sufficient number of qualified reviewers for the scheduled review date after multiple, exhaustive attempts, with documented evidence
    • Emergency impacting the availability of the unit head (e.g., sudden illness)
    • Planned unit closure or program closure

Scheduling Earlier Than Eight Years

It is always possible for the commissioning officer to commission the review earlier in the eight-year cycle. Reasons for this might include better aligning with the search for or reappointment of a unit head; an anticipated accreditation review; and recent or planned curriculum changes or program transfers. Scheduling the review earlier in the eight-year cycle does not require the approval of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs. Please inform the Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs of the schedule change.

Further Information

The Vice-Provost, Academic Programs website has information about the UTQAP, the review process, templates to support alignment with UTQAP requirements and a schedule of planned reviews. The Office of the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs is always available to Deans’ Offices seeking guidance on UTQAP matters.


David Lock
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews

Emma del Junco
Coordinator, Academic Planning & Reviews