Certificates: Continuing, Professional & Executive Education


Certificates in continuing, professional and executive education are also called not-for-credit certificates. They should be consistent with the University’s general objectives and the strategic direction of the divisions offering them and adhere to the same standards of excellence that are expected of all U of T program offerings. These certificates comprise a coherent sequence of courses and must comply with the characteristics laid out in the Policy on Certificates (For-Credit and Not-For-Credit).

The Guidelines for Continuing, Professional and Executive Education (PDF) provide the framework for divisions developing these certificates.


All certificates in this category are offered with the knowledge and approval of the Dean and undergo the appropriate divisional approval. For more information, please contact your Dean’s Office.


The VPAP Office works with divisions and the School of Continuing Studies to compile the annual report. Certificates in continuing, professional and executive education are submitted to the Provost’s Office for inclusion in an annual report by the Provost to the Committee on Academic Policy and Programs.



Please contact your Dean’s Office.


Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator Academic Change
VP Academic Programs Office