Certificates: For-Credit


The two categories of for-credit certificates are offered at the undergraduate level only. They are:

Category 1: the post-baccalaureate certificate is a stand-alone certificate that normally requires completion of an undergraduate degree, or equivalent, for admission.

Category 2: the certificate is offered in conjunction with an undergraduate degree program requiring students to be enrolled in a specific University of Toronto undergraduate degree program.

Both are described fully in the Policy on Certificates (For-Credit and Not-For-Credit).

Oversight and accountability for all for-credit certificates rests with the Dean. See the resources section below for templates.


Post-baccalaureate category 1 certificates follow the UTQAP major modification protocols for approval. Like all major modifications, Dean’s Offices submit category 1 certificate proposals to the VPAP Office for review prior to governance.

Category 2 certificates (those offered in conjunction with an undergraduate program) follow the protocols for approval and closure for minor modifications.


Category 1 and 2 certificates are subject to periodic reviews under the UTQAP. Category 2 certificates are reviewed with their associated undergraduate program. Please contact your Dean’s Office for information on the review schedule and process.


The VPAP Office works with divisions to compile the annual report. All for-credit certificates will be included in an annual report by the Provost to the Committee on Academic Policy and Programs.



Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator, Academic Change

Annette Knott
Coordinator, Academic Change